Company Profile

Shangyushi liangsheng motor co.,ltd. is produces each kind of permanent magnetism direct current miniature electrical machinery the specialized enterprise,Had more than 10 years specialized production history. The enterprise is located the Zhejiang Province shangyu market market town, buys the small piece of land surrounded by water road junction and 104 federal highways near the Shanghai and Hangzhou highway, the transportation is convenient.
The company produces the series direct current machine may widely use in, the automobile apparatus, the domestic electric appliances, like Che Yongchong the air pump, attracts the point, waxing machine, the electrically operated trigger, the hoisting jack, wireless butts, the electrically operated screwdriver, the sound, the radio cassette player, DVD and so on.
The company has the domestic advanced electrical machinery production assembly assembly line and the high accuracy check-out facility. Strictly guarantees the system operation according to the ISO9001 nature. Has yearly produces 6 million Taiwan Telegraphic Transmission machine productivity, the product has the seriation, the high quality, sells in distant markets the European and American Southeast Asia.
The company pays great attention to new product development, the technological transformations and the craft innovation, takes the technical investment, the establishment has the high quality specialized talented person's product development division, can according to the customer request, the development design special specification electrical machinery product.
The company in line with the good faith, only really, the practical management idea, take top quality, the first-class service, the first-class prestige, provides the highest quality product as the customer, hand in hand cooperates with the customer, altogether creates double wins.